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World Famous Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

Near Port Antonio lies a hidden paradise, the Blue Lagoon. This mysterious place is truly a place one must experience to get the feeling that surrounds you here. At over 250 feet deep, this is a water hole that is fed by natural spring waters. Swim and you’ll feel the water temperatures changing between warm and cold at different depths throughout the lagoon.

Many World Record Free Dive events have taken place at this location. You can swim, snorkel, scuba, kayak and more in the safe environment of this areas coastline. A great sheltered bay to explore.

A really beautiful setting for a good day of relaxation. Spend the day here, enjoy the great atmosphere,lovely water and no hassle environment.

There are fantastic villas to rent along the Blue Lagoonarea and towards Monkey Island. Plan a few days in the Port Antonio area to really have the time to explore and experience all that lies on this side of the island.

Port Antonio, Jamaica
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