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Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Tour

Jamaica’s only natural night time attraction, Luminous Lagoon. Located in Falmouth, Jamaica, near Runaway Bay, there lies Oyster Bay, a marina with a scientific phenomenon that only occurs in 2 other places of the world.

The waters surrounding this bay are home to tiny bio-luminescent micro-organisms that emits a light when the waters are disturbed or agitated. This creates a light effect that glows in the water at night when it is visible. Truly amazing! It will leave you with a sense of awe and certainly be something you will remember forever.

This location in Jamaica is the brightest and most illuminating of all 3 places worldwide that this rare event occurs. Scientists from all over have come to study it and now visitors from all over come to witness Mother Nature’s rare phenomenon.

Simply disturb the waters with your hands or watch being the boat and all around as the waters create an enormous lighting effect that is one of a kind! Take a swim in the waters and see yourself glow! Truly a must see event while in Jamaica.

The Glistening Waters Restaurant & Marina serves up excellent seafood and is worth it to take the tour and enjoy a meal. A great atmosphere and a beautiful setting.

Falmouth, Jamaica
1 Hour + Travel Time

Night TIme Tour of Glistening Waters

Night time tour starting at dusk

per adult

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